Ideamakers signs a new client… “Frozen Phoenix”

My company, Ideamakers, just signed up a new client… Frozen Phoenix.

Frozen Phoenix is a startup company that will provide supply chain consulting expertise targeting the pharmaceutical and shipping industries, where strict control disciplines are required.  Frozen Phoenix will also be providing technology solutions.

The Ideamakers Interns at Bryant & Stratton College will be working on developing creative branding and logo ideas, business materials, website mockups and more as part of this project.

By Fred Kopp – IDEAMAKER

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Ideamakers signs a new client… “Front Line to Front Office”

My company, Ideamakers, just signed up another new client… Front Line to Front Office.

Front Line to Front Office is a startup company developing ways to help veterans become successful entrepreneurs. The company is founded by Antenehe Demissie, who is a Marine Corps veteran. Antenehe’s goals is to provide help to other veterans who have the dreams of starting their own businesses. His vision is to provide business plan development, advice, coaching, networking, assistance getting funding, etc.

As part of this project, the Ideamakers Interns at Bryant & Stratton College will be working on developing creative branding and logo ideas, collateral designs, business materials, website mockups, PowerPoint designs, designs for instruction manuals and more.

By Fred Kopp – IDEAMAKER

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Soft Drink Ad Campaign Presentation for Marketing Class

I’ll be making a presentation next Monday for a marketing class at Monroe Community College.  The topic is the development a powerful multi-million dollar ad campaign for Wegmans WPOP soft drink and snack product lines. This was one of the many campaigns I oversaw when I planned and managed Wegmans’ advertising.

My presentation covers the following…

Opportunities:  Wegmans Food Markets continuously developed new, profitable private label product lines, some being unique.

Challenges:  Competitors claimed to have similar products.  Customers had negative perceptions based on lower quality product previously offered.  It was necessary to compete with national brands.

Solutions:  I assembled teams of creative experts to devise very clever advertising tactics to best communicate and introduce these products.  I directed many different activities to develop a brand identity for each new product, beginning at package design.  I directed ad agency to devise unique approaches that drove customer awareness, coordinating their activities with in-house creative teams.  Powerful ad campaigns were developed to introduce and maintain brand identity.  A wide array of coordinated media types were utilized effectively and efficiently – some in some very creative fashions.

Results:  Acceptance was very positive, resulting in many new product successes and driving unprecedented growth and profits.  In the case of the success of Wegmans WPOP soft drinks, other product lines were developed and launched!


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How to Build a Business Without Employees

It’s possible for a “solopreneur” to run a full-sized business without even hiring a staff.  I found this interesting article by Sleeptracker founder Lee Loree on Bloomberg Businessweek posted on  Today’s Tip Contributor on February 22, 2011.

What to Outsource as a Solopreneur

For most businesses, the two largest slices of the budget pie are people costs (salaries, benefits, and so forth) and office space. The only way to eliminate these costs is to go it alone as a solopreneur, which can be daunting. By outsourcing everything that typically requires an in-house workforce, you can bring down overhead and create the freedom to work on your own schedule—enhancing quality of life and business.

Without in-house employees to manage, no one calls in sick or needs a cubicle. When your outsourced agency or freelancer isn’t getting the job done, you can hire a new one. Paying hourly or on a monthly retainer lets projects be fulfilled by teams of experts, instead of by a skeleton crew of full-time employees the same money would buy.

As a solopreneur, here are five departments you’ll need to fill:

1. Promotions. Media relations, advertising, and design should work together to communicate your product or service. Outsourcing these to public relations and design firms gets you experts in the field without having to pay them to work full-time in your office.

2. Web management. Designing, updating, and managing your website keeps lead generation and in some cases, direct sales on track. Unless you have a professional background in Web development, don’t try to do this yourself. Having an out-of-date or malfunctioning Web site is the quickest way to turn potential customers and investors away.

3. Consulting. Having experts in logistics, for example—or other areas specific to your company—saves money, time, and headaches.

4. Warehousing. Holding inventory and fulfilling orders requires a facility filled with staff, but that doesn’t mean your business has to own one. For a monthly fee, distribution centers will hold, ship, print, and sort for you.

5. Accounting. Bookkeeping is detailed, time-consuming work that cannot be ignored or taken lightly. Accounting firms are equipped with the latest software and tools, which streamlines your business accounting.

On a personal level, not having full-time employees also gives you the freedom and flexibility to type e-mails in your pajamas, spend time with your family, and play golf on Friday afternoons, if you feel like it.

Lee Loree

By Fred Kopp – IDEAMAKER

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Caring Stones Jewelry – IDEAMAKERS’ Newest Client

My company, IDEAMAKERS, began working on a brand identity project for our newest small business client – Caring Stones – who creates handmade custom  jewelry made with authentic Kazuri beads from Kenya, Africa.

Caring Stones features jewelry handmade by Janet Tanner, an artist and entrepreneur from the Finger Lakes Region, using authenic African Kazuri beads.  “Kazuri” is the Swahili word for “small and beautiful,” a fitting name for the multitude of exquisite beads handmade by Kenyan women.  Each bead is made by hand and no two are the same.  As a result, no two pieces of jewelry are the same. 

The Caring Stones creative branding and marketing project will involve the Ideamakers Interns, who will be contributing their graphic design talents to build their portfolios.  This is a program I developed working with Bryant & Stratton College. The Future Entrepreneurial Ideamakers Internship Program will help students possessing the necessary skills for specific projects opportunities to gain real-world experience on projects and build better portfolios and resumes. Entrepreneurial organizations such as Caring Stones will be provided with high quality, yet less expensive ways to launch and grow their businesses by more effectively informing customers of their offerings.


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A new resource to help innovative organizations tell their stories… a partnership with Bryant & Stratton College

Pittsford, New York, February 1, 2011

Entrepreneurial IDEAMAKERSTM was founded late last year as a resource of helping innovate, entrepreneurial companies tell their stories. IDEAMAKERS’ purpose is to provide organizations with high quality, common sense and affordable advertising, marketing and creative branding services to build strong awareness for their products and services. 

It is that spirit that IDEAMAKERS Fred Kopp and Dick Petitte conceived a partnership with Bryant & Stratton College. The two organizations are working together on a program in which IDEAMAKERS’ services can include college-level students directed by seasoned experts – working in concert with Bryant & Stratton’s academic programs.

The Future Entrepreneurial Ideamakers Internship Program will help students possessing the necessary skills for specific projects opportunities to gain real-world experience and build better portfolios and resumes. Entrepreneurial organizations will be provided with high quality, yet less expensive ways to launch and grow their businesses by more effectively informing customers of their offerings.

“The Future Entrepreneurial Ideamakers Program is a new component to Bryant & Stratton College’s existing internship program.  This new element will help students possessing the necessary skills for specific projects opportunities to gain real-world experience and build better portfolios and resumes.  We look forward to the additional exposure this will provide our students” commented Kelly Henry, Career Services Director at Bryant & Stratton College.

“IDEAMAKERS will have the chance to tap an array of fresh talent in a non-traditional way to best benefit our clients, which can be one more way to contribute to the vitality of the Rochester community and region as a whole.” said IDEAMAKERS’ founder, Fred Kopp.

About Entrepreneurial IDEAMAKERSTM…We help innovative organizations tell their stories!  IDEAMAKERS provides advertising, marketing communication and creative expertise and services and focuses on helping entrepreneurial organizations in the Rochester, NY and western NYS region. IDEAMAKERS was founded by Fred Kopp, whose rich career history includes Wegmans Food Markets in an executive capacity where he spearheaded the development of their powerful customer communication initiatives. After Wegmans, Fred and others embarked on entrepreneurial adventures focused on developing better ways for organizations to plan, work and communicate. In creating IDEAMAKERS, Fred assembled a highly experienced and diversely talented team and network of resources. IDEAMAKERS’ clients will benefit from a new awareness of their products and services to help them grow and prosper.  For more information, please visit IDEAMAKERS’ website at or email inquiries to .


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“Getting There”… Volume 2

He’s done it again!  Luis Martinez has just published Volume 2 of his book “Getting There”  

Luis is an expert career and human resources coach both on both a personal basis and on the corporate level.  He conducts workshops and does presentations across the country.  Luis also provides personal branding advice for Hispanic professionals. 

In 2009, Luis founded the GTEN – the Getting There Executives Network.  GTEN is an “invitation only” networking group comprised of high-level professionals who are job-seekers and consultants.  I am proud to be affiliated with GTEN.

I just picked up a copy of “Getting There” and am diving into it. Over the course of my advertising and marketing career, I have found the most challenging and demanding product to promote is ME! One of the best sources for helpful advice is from Luis. 

“Getting There” is a common sense approach packed with advice gleaned through Luis’s career coaching experiences.  It is a valuable working guide on how to improve and better communicate one’s personal brand identity, thereby achieving career success by focusing on doing what one loves to do best. 

So, if you want to learn better ways to best promote a most valuable brand – yourself – read Volume 2 of Luis Martinez’s book “Getting There”.   Copies are available at in Xlibris at or again in selected Wegmans stores.  

For more information, check out Luis’s websites at and  

You won’t regret this investment!  

By Fred Kopp

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