Operational Achievements

Long Range Planning:
Developed detailed “go-to-market” advertising plan based on active participation in corporate long-range planning activities.  Multi-tiered plan consolidated the marketing plans of many specific merchandising departments and programs.  Specific themes were planned and developed, which drove creative and media choices.  Diaries of promotions were maintained for future use. 

Advertising creation and execution worked seamlessly and efficiently, continuously achieving the results intended.  New programs were able to be developed quickly, and outdated programs discarded.  Department managers and staff were able to plan and execute their own work effectively.  Turn-around times for developing multiple projects was kept down.  Expenses were easily managed.

Financial Management: 
Planned and managed a budget in excess of $27 million (media and production).  Developed vendor-funding programs to offset expenses by $9 million.  Established strict budget-forecast-reconciliation process tied in with advertising plan.  Department managers were accountable for contributing to planning and managing the budget in their particular areas of responsibility. Measured advertising expenses vs. sales and analyzed costs as a percentage of sales. 

Financial performance was excellent, often achieving little overall variance despite unexpected situations. Potentially frivolous or outdated programs were eliminated.  Advertising costs and a percentage of sales decreased due to strict planning and expense monitoring.

Development of In-House Services:
Developed and directed Wegmans’ multi-discipline, in-house teams of 70+ advertising and creative services specialists.  Managed a variety of teams including print production, in-store communications (print & display sign shops), creative design and graphic services, special target advertising media (customer specific marketing),  special event coordination and ad agency liaison, and department administration support groups. 

Reduced/eliminated specialized service outsourcing, cut costs, improved productivity, and improved quality.

Ad Agency Management:
Effectively integrated and managed the services of ad agencies and other third-party vendor resources.  Required ad agency support staff to work on-premise.  Worked hands-on with such ad agency activities as planning, creative development, shoots, and edits. 

Kept specialized service outsourcing down, improved productivity, and improved quality.

Work Process Improvement:
Inspired and continuously applied new work process methodologies.  Incorporated automated technology, and networking and database access systems, linked between departments. 

Advertising information collection, organization, and management became more efficient. Continuously reduced expenses while improving creativity and productivity.  Accuracy increased, reducing costly expenses due to errors.  Morale improved.  Operational costs were controlled despite company growth due to expansion.

Workplace Technology Improvement:
Pro-actively investigated and applied new technology solutions to enable more efficient, effective work including typesetting systems, design systems, networked personal computers, printer/duplicators, laser printers, automated sign creation tools, and more. 

Productivity continuously improved.  Significant financial savings were realized, which in some cases had a positive impact on other corporate operations and store level activities.  Financial paybacks for investments ranged from under two years to only six months.  Production and accuracy increased.  Expenses for outsourced services decreased.


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