Community Events

Opportunities:  There were many family entertainment and community programs that Wegmans could tie into or support. Their Shoppers Club Card program and Home Video department offered ways to provide access to quality events.

Challenges:  Supermarkets inconsistently tied into family and community events.

Solutions:  Developed numerous promotions tied in with family events, which included special discount admissions and benefits based on using Wegmans Shoppers Club Card.  Was instrumental in developing advertising programs to promote commitments to raise money for worthwhile charities.  Many programs included solicitations for manufacturer co-op funding and media partnerships.

Results:  Wegmans’ perception as a good neighbor contributed to market share increases.  Measurable customer loyalty increased.  Significant moneys were raised for such programs as local United Way campaigns.  Financial contributions from successful manufacturer partnerships increased, significantly offsetting program expenses.  Participating events experienced increased attendance.

Additional Success Story:  A longtime volunteer organizer and marketer of the “Wings of Eagles” Air Shows in Upstate NY, (which experienced substantial growth in attendance over the years of partnership with Wegmans) was able to successfully start and build his own business.  The result was Mach 2 Management, a successful marketing company focused on developing events and trade shows.  Currently Mach 2, headquartered in Victor, NY develops and manages events on a nationwide basis.


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