Vacation Rental Image Ad Campaign

Opportunities:  Finger Lake Premier Properties offered over 260 waterfront vacation home rentals on 6 of New York’s Finger Lakes.  These were affordable vacation alternatives to other family recreation options, especially considering the dramatic increase in fuel costs.  There was a great deal of opportunity to gain brand recognition in the immediate region.

Challenges:  While the company had a good reputation, vacation bookings were behind prior years.  Economic conditions and higher fuel costs were a deterrent.  Additionally, there was not a great deal of money available for an ad campaign.  As a result, little regional advertising and marketing had been done in the Upstate NY region surrounding the Finger Lakes.  Most of marketing initiatives were driven only through Internet website links and ads in travel publications. Consumers were unsure what the company name “Premier” referred to, and what services were offered.  

Solutions:  Developed creative-branding concepts for advertising, marketing, and PR initiatives.  Print ads were placed in demographically targeted subscription print publications with increased frequency in the immediate region.  “Make Memories” was the advertising theme that was developed to entice people to indulge in an old-fashioned family vacation.  Themes were repeated in an array of regional event and vacation guide advertising, as well as links from a growing array of travel-focused websites.

Results:  More awareness was created for Finger Lakes Premier Properties’ offerings as affordable vacation alternatives to traveling greater distances, or not taking vacations at all.  Lagging bookings began to increase.


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