“Life in the Finger Lakes” Consumer Show

Opportunities:  The first annual consumer show focused on lakeside living and vacationing in the NY Finger Lakes Region was held in the Rochester, NY area. Finger Lake Premier Properties had a opportunity to build awareness of their many unique service offerings – lakeside property rental management and real estate programs.

Challenges:  This was the first consumer show of its type in the region and, as a result, there were many unknowns as far as pre-show promotional activities, potential attendance, quality of the booth presentations, etc.  Financial support was limited.

Solutions:  Blended the “Make Memories” and “Relax or Invest” themes into an engaging PowerPoint presentation, hand-out collateral, and show banners to create interest. Staffed the booth with teams of knowledgeable experts to engage consumers interested in vacation home rental management and real estate programs that were offered.

Results:  The presentation came together well, despite scant resources.  Consumers were engaged by the PowerPoint and stopped to converse with the staff and pick up collateral materials.  Many visitors left their contact information which was used for follow-up via e-mail and special rental promotional offers.


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