Town of Pittsford Survey Report Mailer

Opportunities:  Effectively update Pittsford, NY residents regarding results of recent survey about their town government’s performance on key issues. Celebrate successes of ongoing Town Strategic initiatives. Enhance report between the Town and residents.

Challenges:  Create an inexpensive, yet powerful direct mail piece to communicate results from an earlier survey.  The communications vehicle needed to be well-designed, yet not appear to be expensive.  An extremely tight production window was necessary for design, content development, etc .  

Solutions:  Developed an inexpensive tumble-fold direct mail piece.  Specific information was exposed as the reader opened the piece, each panel leading to subsequent information.  Although a two-color printing, faint background images were ghosted in behind text to capture the charm of the Town of Pittsford.

Results:  Favorable responses were received as the mailer addressed areas of opportunity in the town.  Serves as an additional marketing resource to support business initiatives and serve as a support marketing resource for financial, business, or government relegated initiatives. Positions the Town of Pittsford as a superb place to live. 


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