Plaza Toastmasters of Atlanta e-Invitation

Opportunities:  The Plaza Presenters Toastmasters of Atlanta wanted to invite new potential members to their event in a unique way that captured the essence of their organization.

Challenges:  The idea of emailing a PowerPoint invitation had not been tried as an effective way to communicate.  A short time period was available to complete the presentation. 

Solutions:  Developed an easy-to-read PowerPoint “e-invitation” to be sent to perspective attendees within a short time period.  A crisp, dynamic format highlighted quotes from famous individuals, which illustrated the value of joining the Plaza Presenters Toastmasters organization.  The whole design and production process took place via telephone and email.

Results:  The response to the “e-invitation” was very good, and Toastmasters benefited from increased event attendance.  This PowerPoint invitation received numerous compliments and has been used frequently to build future awareness.  Given it’s success, more “e-invitation” concepts are under development.


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