CleanWhiteTeeth Marketing Materials

Opportunities:  Assist Clean White Teeth (CWT) – a new endeavor in offering consumers a new preventative dental healthcare system.  The new pro-active solutions, developed by a certified pediatric/geriatric dentist, will enable people to strengthen their teeth and avoid such future dental problems as cavities, gum disease, and bad breath.  Treatments and solutions involve marketing Xylitol products, a sweet-tasting, natural substance that promotes good dental health.

Challenges:  Such products and methodologies had not been developed and packaged in the past in the US, despite acceptance in Europe.  Dental, medical, and health care product manufacturers promote treatments of the effects of dental problems, rather than prevention.

Solutions:  Developed graphic designs and concepts for new marketing initiatives, including illustrations for a new preventative dental health book.  Graphics were also used in generating a handout for live presentations.  Provided an analysis of current company website, with suggestions for improving organization and readability.

Results:  Company benefited from new ideas resulting from marketing mockups and graphic designs.  The dental book is now being published.  To date, customer acceptance of these new concepts has been very positive and is growing.


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