IDEAMAKERS Client Projects

Opportunities: IDEAMAKERS is helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams and develop their businesses in the Rochester, NY area.  

Challenges:  Small businesses do not always have well thought out business and marketing plans.  And, they lack the expertise and financial resources to develop their brand identities to make customers aware of their product and service offerings.

Solutions:  Designed and developed brand identities, strategic go-to-market plans, collateral, websites, presentations and more for our clients’ very diverse businesses.  IDEAMAKERS’ affordable services were customized to meet each client’s specific needs to help them tell their story best. IDEAMAKERS’ services are designed to fit each organization’s specific needs today and with the ability to provide adaptable, scalable solutions to allow them to grow and expand in the future.

Results:  Clients received favorable responses and are continuing to develop their businesses.  IDEAMAKERS clients include:

Elaine Ritter Fine Art – Offers original and prints of artwork for sale, group and individual art instruction and commissioned artwork for special projects.

Front Line to Front Office – Helps today’s veterans become tomorrow’s business leaders by providing a variety of information and services to assure their success.

Caring Stones Jewelry – Creates a variety of unique, custom-crafted jewelry for sale using beads hand-made by Kenyan women.

BSR Customs – Manufactures bar stool racers, a hot new motorsport designed for promotional use, events, and just plain fun.

Getting There – Offers high performance strategies and tactics for personal career decisions.

Benezet Advisors – Provides resource development expertise for nonprofit organizations.


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