Advertising Process Improvement Methodologies

Opportunities:  Many retail and wholesale companies had archaic ways in which advertising and marketing communications were planned and managed, which resulted in losing their competitive advantage. (In this case, a client company based in Cheshire, CT.) 

Challenges:  People were resistant to change.  Advertising teams were working at too frantic a pace, or were intimidated by adopting the idea of better ways in which to work.  Managers and staff were protecting their own “turf”.

Solutions:  Directed the development of improved tools and methodologies for planning and disseminating accurate advertising plans.  Software tools were developed, supported by process improvement consulting.  PowerPoint presentations were created.  Merchandising and advertising teams were re-educated.

Results:  Many opportunities were discovered and implemented, including better ways in which to plan and communicate. The cost of ad circular printing was reduced.  Some under performing ad team members were dismissed or reassigned with no impact on productivity.  The management and maintenance of the ad production system were improved.  Savings benefits were estimated in the hundreds of thousands of dollars!


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