Concept Mockups for Product Development

Opportunities:  Develop materials to represent improved specific retail operation products being developed—advertising and marketing, asset protection, human resource, customer database, and consumer affairs management tools.  These tools provided companies with better ways to work and communicate within their organizations.  An existing suite of web-based software tools had not yet been developed. 

Challenges:   Such tools and methodologies had not been developed and packaged into a family of solutions.  Many corporate senior management teams were not computer-savvy and could not envision the benefits of the tools being developed.  Product developers could also not envision how the tools they were building would work.  

Solutions:  Managed the creation of a wide array of functional mockups and presentations to illustrate the products and services that m2Methods would offer.  Incorporated detailed mockups of product functionality into presentations.   Brainstormed and illustrated a variety of “out-of-the-box” concepts. 

Results:  Developers benefited by viewing marketing mockups. The development of these materials also facilitated the recruiting and hiring of the appropriate product development teams. Potential “beta” client management teams were able to envision these products.  Partnerships were formed with large companies that lacked the expertise m2Methods possessed.  Additional venture capital funding also resulted.


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