Co-Founder/SVP Adv. & Mkg. –

I co-founded and served as SVP of Advertising and Marketing for, a business solutions company in Pittsford, NY, in 1999, after years of success at Wegmans. 

m2Methods focused on pioneering process improvement tools for retail and wholesale organizations well in advance of today’s social-networking and business collaboration tools.

I co-developed m2Methods’ business plan, developed the “look and feel” for branding, and created presentations for raising angel investment startup funding.  Work started in 1998, and investment funding was raised.  I collaborated on developing solutions to eliminate archaic, inaccurate main-office and enterprise-level procedures. 

I directed the development of materials for marketing presentations to potential clients and business partners.  I directed the product development activities for creating improved marketing, advertising, consumer affairs, and merchandising tools as part of m2Methods’ suite of product offerings.  I also managed advertising consulting services to provide improved work and communication processes and cost reductions for clients.


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