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The Value of Advertising During an Economic Downturn

If a company fails to maintain its “Share of Mind” during an economic downturn, current and future sales are jeopardized. Maintaining “Share of Mind” costs much less than rebuilding it later on.
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Soft Drink Ad Campaign Presentation for Marketing Class

I’ll be making a presentation next Monday for a marketing class at Monroe Community College. The topic is the development a powerful multi-million dollar ad campaign for Wegmans WPOP soft drink and snack product lines. This was one of the many campaigns I oversaw when I planned and managed Wegmans’ advertising.
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B2B Advertising Media Mix Trends

I ran across some data on media spending trends by top business-to-business (b-to-b) advertisers… very interesting given our tough economy.  The article was a special report “Top 50 b-to-b advertisers cut spending 2.8%” by Kate Maddox published in the September … Continue reading

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New Idea for Generating Advertising Revenue

I have a new advertising media revenue generation opportunity, but I am not sure how to implement it.   My home and property have become a medium for a variety of advertising initiatives… mostly small and large home service providers and … Continue reading

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Maximize Your Marketing Efforts & Dollars

In the past few months I have met many entrepreneurs with wonderful business ideas with a great deal of potential.  Some were new concepts while some were established when times were better.  I am concerned. Despite facing stiff competition, many … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

It’s tougher than ever to continuously break through the clutter and get maximum attention for your company’s products and services.  Every dollar counts! But, many organizations miss some obvious opportunities, and waste money as well.  Here are a couple examples… … Continue reading

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What Makes Ad Campaigns Work?

Over the course of my career, I have seen and heard continuous discussions about developing the best ad campaigns.  A blend of thorough planning, creative/content that inspires action, sound media planning, program analysis, and delivering on the “promises” presented are … Continue reading

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