When I decided to create my blog, I wanted to provide insights on how organizations can best plan and manage their advertising and marketing communication activities to increase their sales and profits.  I am especially focused on helping innovative small and midsized companies, non-profit and regional organizations maximize the effectiveness of their advertising investments.  After all… today more than ever, every dollar counts!

My goal share some thoughts on how to entice new customers, retain existing customers,create brand identity and improve brand awareness, and gain competitive advantages. My views are based on years of personal experience… I have seen what works and what does not.  So, you will be able learn about my background and my successes developing effective solutions for large and small organizations alike.

A great deal of today’s advertising and marketing communications can be inefficient and ineffective.  And, there is a great deal of information available from many sources, which can be overwhelming. 

I want to help organizations be successful in these trying economic times, so I formed a new company named Entrepreneurial IDEAMAKERS… please visit our website at http://www.theIDEAMAKERS.com  or contact us at info@theIDEAMAKERS.com . 

Or, you can also visit my personal website at http://www.fredkoppcreative.com 0r contact me at fkopp@rochester.rr.com .

Thanks for visiting!